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Spice Immuni-tea - Naturals
Spice Immuni-tea - NaturalsSpice Immuni-tea - Naturals
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Spice Immuni-tea - Naturals

Product Description

 Immunity is not a one day game, one has to build it slowly overtime to keep diseases at bay.

This Immuni-tea is enriched with the goodness of cloves which help reduce chest congestion and relieving itching of throat. Black pepper helps moderate blood sugar and aid digestion whereas Cardamom reduces inflammation and acidity in the system. Raw turmeric is a natural analgesic, anti-viral and anti-bacterial. Our beloved cinnamon is a blood thinner which reduces coagulation in blood stream. The green tea leaves are full of anti-oxidants and improve metabolism.

An excellent choice for people who are looking to boost their immunity through sipping some tea!


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